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Comprehensive Training

We expect and reward future-based thinking and creativity. 

If you are interested in developing a certain niche market, we can help!  If you are interested in gaining knowledge and expertise in a specific area, we’ll provide you the training that is needed. 

We are committed to providing a solid track to run on.  When we have candidates that are transitioning into the career or from a similar industry, our  concentration is fundamental skill development, marketing, client building and activity provoking skills.  Our role is to create your most efficient path to success.  Once  becoming a Financial Professional with us, you then can graduate towards intermediate and advanced education based upon your skill level and individual needs.

Experienced Financial Professionals that join our firm typically do so because we provide a stronger platform and consistent comprehensive training.  Time, effort, resources and a leadership team that is dedicated to “you” the producer, is what makes NEPC a special place to start or end a career.