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Pay Yourself

Time is your greatest asset if you pay yourself first.

Wealth on your terms

Plan ahead and be the champion of the rest of your life.

Get the right advice

This likely feels like a loaded statement. It’s never easy researching and procuring the “best” talent in any given field, especially on a topic so overindulged in the media and so critical to financial and life success.

Let us make this easy for you.

Here at Northeast Financial Network, we:

  • Have worked with over 2,500 young professionals — we’ve always welcomed young people pursuing a career, a family, and a happy life.
  • Employ a methodical approach to educating, protecting and liberating your wealth.
  • Use a system called the Living Balance Sheet® to strategize, organize and implement your plan.
  • Educate our clients on what to do and why versus simply “telling” them what to do.
  • Become the primary advice giver for your financial life. Your Group of One.

Understanding How Young Professionals Can Live Well Today and Tomorrow.

What are the priorities of working millennials? Are they on track to achieving their financial objectives? Research reveals a generally positive picture, as 3 in 4 millennials feel satisfied with life overall, and half agree they are comfortable financially. Yet, they also exhibit a high level of stress. What is this contradictory evidence telling us about the financial health of this group?

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