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From the recent college graduate to the most seasoned professionals, our training covers every aspect of planning to enhance your career growth and earning potential.

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Our staff, mentors, and managers play a significant part in training and developing highly motivated people to become successful in the financial planning marketplace.

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At Northeast Financial Network, we take work-life balance very seriously. We believe in offering programs that encourage a healthy mind and healthy life.

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Young Professional

At Northeast Financial Network, we have a Comprehensive Young Professional program. We select entrepreneurial individuals to advance in our career track training program designed specifically for young professionals. If chosen, you will enter into one of the most exciting and rewarding careers. 

Career Changer

The first step in making a career change is to set a goal and approach change as a project. Ask yourself these questions: Are you in a career that has no limit on the amount of money you can make? Can you come and go as you please and take vacation when you want? Is your career rewarding and meaningful?

Experienced Advisor

When looking to make a change, we feel there are a few questions you need to ask yourself in order to make the right change: Does this firm have the tools to get me to the next level? Do they have proprietary technology sales & marketing tools? How strong is the transition team? 

Meet the Career Development Team!

Michael Salvatore

Michael Salvatore

General Agent, Director of Business Development

James DeMatteo

James DeMatteo, CFP®

Managing Director

Christian  Dapolito

Christian Dapolito

Financial Representative

Nikki  Potts

Nikki Potts

Marketing Specialist

Pat Comforti

Pat Comforti

Director of Client Relations

Kelly  Picataggio

Kelly Picataggio

Career Development Team Coordinator

James Minniti

James Minniti

Sales Trainer

John Valentin

John Valentin

Director of Talent Acquisition

Become A Financial Advisor Podcast 

Our podcast helps people who are looking for new challenges in a new career. If you are ready to explore an exciting career in financial services, this is the place to start!