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Adrian  Douglas

Adrian Douglas

Financial Representative

A graduate of Rutgers Business School with a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Adrian Douglas decided he wanted to be the catalyst in the lives of others that ensures their financial freedom and everyday success. He believes that every person he comes in contact with can be helped in one way or another; whether it's now or in the future. His confidence in this belief comes from the fact that traditional financial thinking, combined with improper planning, has destroyed many lives. This is why he has made his mission to financially educate clients with uncommon knowledge and to guide them through the proper plan for their future.

Before entering the Financial Services industry, Adrian worked full-time for his family's construction company. There he learned first-hand what it was like to run a business and the rewards that can be realized through hard work. "My Father has always said 'If you ask life for a penny, life will give you a penny.' Basically saying that if you settle for mediocrity in a world of opportunity, that's all you will get." Adrian also learned how to manage & maintain relationships with clients, which helped him at his part-time job as a Personal Trainer. Throughout his time as a trainer, he found it extremely rewarding to see clients push themselves beyond their limits to achieve goals and improve daily outlook. "My time as a Personal Trainer taught me a lot about people and how truly different & unique we all are. The one constant that remained throughout was that if there was an attainable goal set, it was always accomplished, no matter what kind of shape the person was in. Making them believe they're capable of anything is key."

This is a theme Adrian stays devoted to while maintaining his practice- No matter the age, background or financial status of the individual, he will personalize his process and get them on the path they need to be in order to live the life they've always wanted for themselves and their family.

"Being an FR at NEPC provides me with the tools I need to make sure my clients are protected from unforeseen events and are able to exploit opportunities. I see myself as the financial resource that helps clients envision and realize their dreams while becoming optimally protected along the way." Adrian's motives are not monetarily-charged. He relates his success to health & happiness of his clients. AR Insurance License #17300307

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