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Farrell Pomponio

Farrell Pomponio

Financial Representative

Farrell has been building her practice with a unique, personalized, and personable approach by helping individuals, families, business owners, and people approaching retirement with a step-by-step process to identify a client’s specific needs, priorities, and goals by providing each client with a custom plan to build and preserve their wealth, as well as a peace of mind for their futures.

"Her Why”

Prior to being a financial representative, Farrell worked as a social worker and spent most of her time meeting with individuals and families that due to unforeseen circumstances or improper planning were looking for government assistance to help with their financial situations with housing and a standard of living. This is what led her to make a change in her career but still get to follow her passion for wanting to help others.

“It was hard to sit with people each day, hearing their struggles, and knowing all the government rules and regulations that so many weren’t eligible for assistance, and even those who were, it was nowhere near living comfortably, and no strength in a financial future. That didn’t sit well with me, and I wanted to get ahead of the problem. I changed my career, because I wanted to educate and help as many people as possible, so they have a proper plan and confidence in their financial future to achieve their goals by protecting, building and maximizing their wealth. 

When Farrell is not working with her clients in the field, she is on the field. Farrell is currently a semi-professional soccer player, and has been playing in professional, international futsal tournaments. She was recently selected to go to US National Team Camp in California. Being a high-level athlete, Farrell knows all about working hard, staying focused, being goal-oriented, working as a team, and being a good teammate. Those are the same characteristics Farrell puts into her work with her clients. It’s also the same reason Farrell is passionate about working with other athletes to make sure they are protected and prepared for their futures. 

Financial Representative of Guardian.