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John Valentin

John Valentin

Managing Director, Sport Division

You’re used to dominating the field as a former competitive athlete. Now you’re ready to dominate your career path. You need a high-powered career that puts all of your skills to good use and makes you the star of the team. But which jobs are best suited for former athletes?

The characteristics that made you a great competitor are the same skills that can help you excel in the career as a Financial Profesional. Former athletes are focused, educated, diverse — and ready to thrive in individual and team environments. Your athletic career has given you the workplace-ready attributes such as communication, collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking.

A career as a financial professional can be one of the most rewarding career paths a person can take. It provides professional and personal flexibility, the ability to define the career path you want, and make a real difference in the lives of the people in your community. Our staff, mentors, and managers play a significant part in training and developing highly motivated people to become successful in the financial services marketplace.

Financial Representative of Guardian.