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MaryAnn Patton

MaryAnn Patton

Chief Growth Officer

I am a strategic leader with an unyielding passion for driving growth and excellence in the financial industry. I've just taken the opportunity as the Chief Growth Officer at Northeast Financial Network, igniting a new era of expansion from Philadelphia to Boston.

With a formidable background as the former Head of Strategic Growth at MassMutual Greater Philadelphia, I've dedicated over a decade of my career to upholding a legacy of excellence that empowered me to grow MMGP in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, leveraging the expertise of a dynamic team at MassMutual Greater Philadelphia.

My commitment to integrity, open communication, and unwavering dedication to growing a field force has allowed me to foster a professional environment where growth and success thrive. As a proud graduate of Chestnut Hill College, with a BS in Psychology, and a 2015 inductee into the Libris Society for Distinguished Alumni, I bring a rich tapestry of experiences to the table.

Now, as Chief Growth Officer at Northeast Financial Network, I'm on an exhilarating mission to spearhead transformative expansion, propelling us into the forefront of the financial landscape from Philadelphia to Boston. I thrive on empowering individuals, harnessing teamwork, and leveraging my expertise in financial resource analysis, estate planning, college funding, retirement strategies, and beyond.

Let's connect, collaborate, and supercharge your financial journey – together, we'll seize opportunities, conquer challenges, and achieve remarkable growth. Reach out, and let's write the next chapter of your career success. #FinancialGrowth #Leadership #Empowerment

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